Job Interview for Atletico Mineiro

Your name?
Andrew Figueira.
Third degree complete!
Let's start with simple questions,
general knowledge, history, geography, science, personalities ...
Who was Stalin ?
A guy who sang snapping his fingers. 

And Lenin?
I played the Beatles.
You do not mean Lennon?
This was paired with Lilian.
Oh ... Leno!
No ... Cantano.
Let's change the subject. What is the equation?
is the art of riding a horse.
And riding?
It is when we pay our debts at all.
What is a turtle?
It is a kind of radioactive mineral.

Would not plutonium?
No, no ... this is the full name of Mickey's dog.
What is photosynthesis?
Technical name for a retratinho 3 x 4.
What is an ape?
A guy who was born in Simian.
In the Simian?! ... Come on. And what is the capital of Simian?
you got me this: do not remember now ...
Who was Pancho Villa?
Partner Don bin.
What is a warlord?
A that has little bone at the tip of the spine and, according to scientists,
proves that man had descended from monkeys, and tailed.
Where is the gallbladder?
Beneath the clavicle.
Where are the buttocks and are they for?
They are on the throat and serve to swallow.
Where is the spleen?
not spleen. It's arm. They are two and they are before hand.
What are fiber optics?
To move the eyes.
Where is the Bermuda Triangle?
Any seamstress knows: between the waistband and the hawk.
Who discovered the law of gravity?
A French gynecologist, Dr. Jeckyll.

Putz! Who was Socrates?
Socrates? He played in the selection and Atletico. You see? I also know
football .. 

is not to be Atletico Mineiro ingnorante I have to be!

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